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YH series

Scroll Compressors with Dual Compliance for Air Conditioning and Chiller.

Specific design for Air Conditioning and Chiller, not only the Scroll Compressor set but also the unit, the definition of the product is precise based on the needs of the client.

  • Excellent discharge in temperature management for range of stretching operation.
  • Precise calculation of load and sealing force for optimization of running sound.
  • High efficiency motor design.
YH series聽 compressors application in railway transportation industry. This is a train air conditioning project carried out by our foreign customers, and it is not limited to the use of subways and light rail.
YM/YF compressors are mainly used in medium temperature refrigeration, fresh food preservation and low temperature refrigeration industries.
The use of YH series compressors in water-cooled air conditioners, in ordinary water source heat pumps, sewage source heat pumps, seawater freshwater aquaculture, when the operating conditions of water-cooling air conditioning unit and operating conditions are similar, a large number of YH series compressors are also used, mainly energy-efficient products.
The application of YH series compressors in air conditioners of machine rooms and data processing centers. When constant temperature and humidity working conditions are required, such as drug, vaccine or special item production workshop, YH series compressors are also used. With the advent of the 5G era, a large number of YH series compressors will be applied in this field.

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